K-9 Tactical Field Kit

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Carrying Options
This product requires Medical Device Authorization for purchase.
Carrying Options
  • Enables the handler to deliver lifesaving treatment to his canine at the point of injury
  • Addresses the major traumatic injuries, such as penetrating and blast-type wounds, which are common to K9s operating in the military and law enforcement arenas
  • Provides the essential equipment to render care to the injured K9 when veterinary care is not immediately available

The NAR K-9 Tactical Field Kit is designed to enable K9 handlers to provide lifesaving treatment to injured canines at the point of injury or when veterinary care is not immediately available.

This kit and its contents are compact, durable and allow reliable and versatile interventions wherever the need arises. The kit provides the necessary tools to address the major traumatic injuries common to K-9’s operating in the military and law enforcement environment as well as common K9 emergencies such as bloat, heat injury, and toxic ingestion.

Offering a large central compartment and multiple attachment points, this kit maximizes storage space while maintaining a compact profile. The kit can be slung over the shoulder in bandolier fashion, hand-carried, or worn around the waist as a belly-bag.

Your K-9 partner would defend you with his life; don’t leave his to chance.


Kit Contents:

  • 4 x S-Rolled Gauze
  • 2 x ETD™ 4 in. Emergency Trauma Dressing
  • 1 x ETD™ Abdominal Emergency Trauma Dressing
  • 1 x HyFin® Vent Chest Seal Twin Pack
  • 1 x Chitogauze® PRO Hemostatic Dressing
  • 1 x NAR Needleless Saline Lock Kit
  • 2 x ARS® Needle Decompression Kit (14 G x 3.25 in.)
  • 2 x Petrolatum Gauze (3 in. x 18 in.)
  • 1 x SAM® Splint II (36 in. x 4.25 in.)
  • 1 x Trauma Shears (7.25 in.)
  • 2 x Polycarbonate Eye Shield
  • 1 x Eye Wash Solution
  • 1 x Splinter Forceps
  • 5 x Bear Claw™ Nitrile Glove Kit, Lg.
  • 1 x Hydrogen Peroxide (8 oz)
  • 1 x Digital Veterinary Thermometer
  • 1 x Tactical Black Muzzle
  • 2 x Veterinary Elastic Adhesive Tape, 2 in.
  • 2 x Veterinary Elastic Adhesive Tape, 4 in.
  • 1 x Black Flexible, Self-Adherent Bandaging Tape
  • 1 x Veterinary Tissue Adhesive


  • Case Closed: H 7.75 in. x W 13 in. x D 9 in.
  • Weight: 5 lb 2 oz
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