PAXLIGHT LED Field Medical Light

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This product requires Medical Device Authorization for purchase.
  • Compact precision lighting that is lightweight and ruggedized for use in field hospitals
  • 15x brighter than traditional halogen field hospital lights yet remains cool to the touch
  • Patented 3-pod head design eliminates the shadow interference common with single point light sources
  • Locking joints make it fully adaptable and secure in any position

Your patients’ life depends on your timely, effective utilization of key medical devices. Make sure you have the PAXLight field hospital light in your medical kit.

The patented PAXLight system utilizes a 3 pod LED head design with 15X the brightness of traditional Halogen Field Hospital Lights. The PAXlight has cooling fans over each LED head increasing the life of the LED bulbs and keeping the surface of the light cool to the touch. The PAX is a rugged design that is field tested to be sand resistant and splash resistant. The units come equipped with ergonomically designed durable, stackable and easily transportable hard case.

  • Compact Precision Lighting The PAXLight® is compact and lightweight, yet has the rugged engineering and precision lighting required for field hospitals. Sand and splash resistant, the PAXLight®’s locking joints make it fully adaptable and secure in any position.
  • LED Technology The LED lamps offer an intense light that is 15 times brighter than traditional halogen field lights. Yet they are cool to the touch, project no heat on patient and have an exceptionally long life.
  • Three Pod Design The patented 3-pod head design eliminates the shadow interference common with single point light sources.
  • Jameson’s PAXLight® is available in a 36 in. focal length model with multiple mounting options.


  • Input Voltage:
    100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz
    Maximum Current Draw:
    0.75A at 120VAC
    0.42A at 230VAC
  • Focal Length:
    36 in. (~1 meter)
  • Light Output:
    50,000 lux (4590 foot candles) at 36 in. (~1 meter)
  • Color Temperature:
    Cool white
  • EMI Protection:
    Certified To IEC 60601-1-2, Group1, Class A Medical Equipment
  • Operating Temperature:
    0-48°C (32-120°F)
  • Power Cable:
    300V, SJT, -40 Degree C Rating
  • Plug:
    Hospital Grade


  • Light in case: 47.2 in. x 16.5 in. x 6.7 in. | Wt: 37.5 lb
  • Light Arm/Post: L 78 in. | Post Diameter: 2.8 in.
  • Light Head Diameter: 12.8 in.
  • Light with Arm/Post Wt: 11.5 lb

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