NitroStrike 2.5 Gallon Portable Fire Suppression System - BLACK

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This product requires Medical Device Authorization for purchase.

NitroStrike™ Nitrogen Foam System is a new, patented CAFS (Compressed Air Foam System) technology that brings increased capabilities and performance in a cost effective solution. Our unique blending system generates a more durable bubble matrix, allowing better adhesion to surfaces and more effective fire suppression. Additionally, NitroStrike™ maximizes foam expansion rates and bubble durations for optimized fire fighting, meeting NFPA standards. Our systems allow the use of all foams, including decontamination solutions, without the need to modify the base system.

NitroStrike™ reduces mechanical complexity by blending foaming agents at the manifold without moving parts. This provides the added durability required by extreme operational environments and reduces long-term maintenance costs.

NitroStrike™ 2.5 Gallon portable Fire Suppression Systems allows you 1 min. 45 sec. of sustained fire fighting/ decontamination at a 25’ distance from your target. Tested by UL for 2A and 10B fires. NitroStrike™ 2.5 is also simple to refill, requiring less support and allowing you to rapidly reuse the system when time is limited. Since the foam is blended inside the protected manifold with no moving internal parts, our system is well suited for mobile and austere operations and is ideal for tactical operations.

All Nitrostrike systems are compatible with nitrogen or compressed air as propellant AFFF freeze protect solutions should be utilized when conditions are below freezing.

NOTE: Nitrostrike systems are shipped uncharged, and must be charged by end user before use.

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Special Features:

  • Shaving cream-like consistency for better adhesion to surfaces
  • No moving parts in the mixing system
  • NFPA Rated 2A/10B
  • Fast re-servicing in the field
  • Use low cost training solutions for inexpensive exercises
  • Single device configuration allows the use of AFFF (Aqueous Film Forming Foam) concentrate and decontamination solutions
  • Compatible with Nitrogen or Compressed Air. Conversion fitting required for compressed air use, click here for conversion fitting.
  • AFFF freeze protect solutions should be utilized when conditions are below freezing.

Weights and Dimensions

  • Dimensions: H 23.5 in. x L 14.5 in. x W 8.5in.
  • Weight: ~20 lb (dry) / 40 lb (full)

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