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Our offices will be closed in observance of the July 4th holiday:
Thursday, July 4th

Normal business will resume on Friday, July 5th at 8:00am ET.

North American Rescue® Holiday Hours:

Our offices will be closed the following dates in observance of Memorial Day:
Monday, May 27th

Normal business will resume on Tuesday, May 28th.

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Prevent hypothermia during casualty care with the new HPMK-I

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A thoracic decompression needle & catheter assembly.

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Choose the safest, most effective prehospital tourniquet.

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Level up your blood and fluid warming system.


North American Rescue® - Products with a Mission®

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At North American Rescue, our roots run deep and wide in the world of tactical medicine and rescue. Our business was built from the ground up on the vision and experience of seasoned military medics seeking to fill the equipment gaps commonly encountered in the field of operation. Since then, we have continued to broaden our vision to include other invaluable first responder perspectives such as prehospital healthcare providers in civilian law enforcement, emergency medical services, and community public safety initiatives. This first-hand reality fosters a unique insight into the extreme challenges and evolving requirements of tactical medicine and rescue for the entire prehospital team both on the battlefield and the homefront.

Products with a Mission® means we are driven by Tactical Combat Casualty Care guidelines, supported by Evidence-based Medicine and validated by Laboratory Tested - Combat Proven® history. From the point of wounding to the doors of the trauma center, NAR is your dedicated partner in life-saving medical gear and training designed to empower today’s Warfighter, First Responder and Prehospital Healthcare Provider with the mission critical solutions that increase survivability by reducing potentially preventable causes of death.


At North American Rescue® we love the partnership that we share with our customers. Without you, we just sell products.
By combining the right care, provided at the right time, with the right equipment utilized in the right manner, we see lives saved. This is our mission.
We believe that every one of us can Be The Difference® when the need arises.

Thank you for letting us be a part of that.


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