The Quality Difference

At North American Rescue, our roots run deep and wide in the tactical medical community. The foundation of our business was built from the ground up on the vision and experience of seasoned military medics seeking to fill the equipment gaps commonly encountered in the field of operation. Since then, we have continued to broaden our horizons to also include other invaluable perspectives from pre-hospital healthcare providers in civilian law enforcement and the tactical EMS community. This first-hand reality fosters a unique insight into the extreme challenges and evolving requirements of tactical medicine & rescue for the entire tactical team in conflict both at home or abroad. From the individual warfighter/operator and combat lifesaver to the embedded medic and tactical healthcare professional, we understand the importance of quality medical equipment. Always on the forefront and a step ahead of the conflict, we share your forward-thinking desire to stay ahead of the curve by adapting future technologies into innovative solutions critical to saving lives in austere, hostile environments. North American Rescue is your dedicated partner in life-saving medical rescue gear suited to your particular area of operation and designed to empower today's Warrior/Operator/Tactical Healthcare Provider with the equipment necessary to reduce potentially preventable causes of death.

When an injury strikes in the line of fire, the success of the mission hinges on the integrity of preparedness training, first responder skills and the field medical kit. North American Rescue stands ready to join in the fight as your trusted resource for quality medical rescue products – driven by Tactical Combat Casualty Care guidelines, Laboratory Tested-Combat Proven® and specially designed for decreasing preventable death in the tactical environment. To prove this commitment to genuine quality that you can trust in the heat of battle, we hold ourselves to a higher standard, and here's how...


The Quality Ideal – Made in America

Buying quality American-made products not only means you are getting the highest quality products made on the planet, you are also investing in the American economy – in our people, our communities and our future. Being American-made is the gold standard against which NAR products are measured. Not all competitors in our market space can truly say that. You can rest assured that items marked "Made in America" are at the very least fully compliant with the requirements of the Buy American Act (BAA) which mandates "substantially all" materials, manufacturing and labor are of U.S. content (not to exceed 50% foreign content). In many cases these products actually exceed those requirements by being 100% domestically produced. The bottom line is this – NAR is committed to the quality ideal: American-made products which will not only keep American's working, but also help to save lives around the world!


TAA Compliant

Critical to federal procurement such as GSA Schedule and most DoD Defense contracts, is compliance to the Trade Agreements Act (19 U.S.C. & 2501–2581) or "TAA", which is intended to foster fair and open international trade. TAA requires that the U.S. Government may only acquire end products that originate from either the United States or other approved country. TAA compliance mandates "articles, materials and supplies to be acquired for public use" must be produced or undergo "substantial transformation" within the United States or from a designated country that has reciprocal trade agreements with the United States. To that end, you can be assured that all NAR products supplied for GSA Schedules and other applicable government contracts are 100% TAA compliant.

Berry Logo

Berry Amendment Compliant

Another very important factor to consider, particularly in military procurement, is the Berry Amendment, which was originally enacted to lessen dependence on foreign sources and thus protect U.S. industry in the event of war and/or adversity. This particular law governs DoD preferences and contract purchases of specific products, the most notable of which are textiles. The requirement for Berry Amendment Compliance is that certain clothing, fabrics, fibers and yarns be 100% domestic – meaning all materials, manufacturing and labor related to these items must be of U.S. origin. When contract requirements dictate compliance to these particular military specifications, the fabric component of our products consists of the highest quality, 100% U.S. made materials and is worthy of your trust when purchasing textile-related items.

ISO Logo

Quality Certified

A deeper look into the tactical medical marketplace will reveal that not all lifesaving gear is created equal. NAR is committed to upholding the highest standards in the industry for ensuring optimal product craftsmanship, ongoing quality improvements and steadfast customer satisfaction. Adhering to proven business credentials that are independently verified demonstrates our dedication to excellence and the sincere desire to earn your trust as a partner in saving lives.

Our ISO 13485 Certification is specific to the design and manufacture of safe, effective medical devices and maintains that we measure up to the worldwide reference standard for medical device regulations around the globe. This certification ensures that we consistently and effectively deliver quality across our entire product offering, adhere to applicable regulatory requirements and continually achieve customer satisfaction.


In addition, being FDA-registered assures our customers that we are a fully disclosed company with the federal government and place the highest priority on the safety and well being of our end users and those whose lives they are committed to save.

Red Tip

Red Tip Technology®

NAR prides itself on the quality and reliability of our products. Items marked with this icon have been specifically branded with NAR's signature Red Tip Technology® packaging. You can use these items with confidence, knowing that they have been engineered for the less-than-optimal, often hostile conditions that exist when our equipment is needed the most. Accept no imitations!


Rescue Human Factors®

The physiological and psychological demand placed on combatant and rescue personnel is typically unappreciated. Often, simple tasks can become both difficult and, in some instances, impossible to perform under the stressful conditions of the prehospital environment. The body's inherent reactions to these stressors impair vision, cognitive processing and the performance of fine and complex motor skills, and can significantly affect the ability to successfully manage casualties. Whenever the Rescue Human Factors® icon appears next to a NAR product, it has been specifically engineered to mitigate many of the inhibiting variables that occur in high stress situations.

When the operational focus of a mission shifts to medical rescue, operators must be able to rely on their equipment to perform in the most austere circumstances. The clarion call to leave no soldier behind is no more paramount than at that moment. American-made quality and pioneering ingenuity are the benchmarks we set forth for excellent product performance. Experience the North American Rescue quality difference for yourself...

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