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This form is NOT intended for product inquiries or returns. In order to get rapid resolution to customer concerns, please contact 888-689-6277 or The intent of this form is to collect user experiences with our products (testimonials), including recommended features, as well as, product feature likes/dislikes.

Thank you for taking your valuable time to share feedback regarding North American Rescue product(s). We value you as our customer and will use your information as another tool to validate our product(s). Continuous improvement is very critical to us and having an opportunity to "hear" the voice of our customer is invaluable.

When using this feedback tool, please select the product from the drop down menu and if not easily locatable, select  Other  and type in the product name. Select the type of feedback this relates to and then type freeform into the other boxes. If you would like to be contacted regarding this submission, please select the appropriate box and when complete, click on the SUBMIT button... Thank you!



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