CV-22 CASEVAC Training Simulator

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Carrying Options
  • Allows each unit to configure to Standard Operating Procedures
  • Cabin height, width, and length to realistic sizes
  • Day or night operations
  • Treatment platform for CASEVAC training
  • Used as a CV-22 crash site
  • Black out during daytime operations
  • Realistic crew securing landmarks
  • Patients can be properly secured on floor
  • Reinforced floor rings

The CV-22T simulator is a tool that is used to increase efficiencies during the initial point of injury and tactical evacuations phase of care. This advanced simulator provides a variety of options that enhance the simulated battlefield at any location.

The remote-controlled unit (Sensory Control Unit) is a custom designed interface and operable via the North American Rescue Simulation (NARS) tablet. The SCU unit can easily be removed from trailer. NARS Sensory Control Unit allows for an increase/decrease in the level of stress on the trainee via the control of environmental factors, including light, beacon, noise, wind, smoke, and other specialized components.

NARS Sensory Control Unit Operating Software is an Android-based software package that was created to accompany CASEVAC Trainer to give you the ability to control the physical responses light, noise, beacon, wind, and smoke from a distance of 1 mile. The easy-to-navigate, touch-screen menu options, allow modify light, noise, wind, smoke, beacon and audio sound system range of 1 mile and monitor live video through IP cameras from 300 feet away via NAR Sim tablet.

Status information on each of the vital, physical components and the status of the communication link is always available – graphically displayed in the CASEVAC control screen. To assist in post-training review, the camera control captures through picture and or video at the end of the exercise. Images collected throughout the training experience can be viewed and downloaded from the camera control folders after the training is complete.

Simulator Functionality:

  • High-powered amplifier and speakers to simulate aircraft noise
  • High-powered fans simulate rotor wash
  • Aircraft lighting (white and blue)
  • Beacon
  • Smoke generator

Wireless Network System:

  • High speed 300Mbps 802.11 b/g/n wireless networking
  • Features multiple operating modes and power over Ethernet
  • Setup utility allows for easy configuration of multiple outdoor access points
  • Heavy duty, weatherproof design
  • 2 x external 5dBi High Gain omni-directional antennas and POE powered switch
  • All of these functions are controlled by a single water-resistant NARS operating unit

Radio Requirements:

  • The unit controlling wind, smoke, cabin lights, beacon, and noise has a .5 mile range

NARS Remote/PC Requirements:

  • Able to run on any unlocked device Android version 3.2 or greater
  • 5-hour battery life while viewing video

Application Requirements:

  • Able to store/retrieve all user preferences
  • Auto scan or user selectable simulation target addressing
  • Systems/link health displayed for user
  • Ability to control each simulation event separately or as a combined “Event” – triggering and controlling multiple simulation transitions simultaneously
  • Automatically generate debrief PowerPoint slides based on recorded log
  • Visually depict “current state” of simulation equipment


  • Allows for combat configuration of equipment
  • Allows for multiple patients to be combat loaded
  • Allows for loading patients from Point of Injury
  • Allows for treatment during simulated transportation

CV-22 Trailer Features:

  • A mobile (DOT licensed) trailer that replicate characteristics of CV- 22 aircraft
  • Tandem Axle design
  • Maximum Weight is 14,000 lbs
  • Trailer length 35’ 7”
  • Trailer width 8’ 9”
  • Trailer height 9’ 3”
  • Ramp opening trailer for on and off load of patients
  • Ramp length will not exceed 7 feet length
  • Ramp Length will not exceed 70 inches in width


  • Interior: L 21 ft. x W 62 in. x H 72 in

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