TrueClot® Tourniquet Trainer Simulator

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Tourniquet Application Trainer Features

  • Durable ballistic nylon construction
  • Easy to clean and air dry
  • Apply tourniquet high and tight or 2" - 3" above the wound
  • Heavy duty padding to reduce pinching and pain
  • Bleeding wound with simulated vessel

Proper tourniquet placement and application are crucial to effective hemorrhage control. The TrueClot® Tourniquet Application Trainer is a wearable device that allows full application of a tourniquet for training purposes. Training blood can be pumped through the device to simulate hemorrhage, and when a tourniquet is correctly applied, bleeding is stopped. The padded arm cuff reduces pinching and pain and allows for proper application of a tourniquet during classroom or scenario training. The trainer can be worn under a uniform or large t-shirt.


Contents Include:

  • Trainer Sling Assembly (Left Arm Fit Only)
  • Liter Squeeze Bottle
  • Quick Disconnect Fitting
  • Plastic Case


  • Measurements: H 12 in. x W 16 in. x D 7 in. (packaged)
  • Weight: 5 lb

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