Tactical Chest Harness - Black

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  • Ergonomic figure eight design
  • Length-adjustable to the waist belt with chest connection strap (hyperlink this to the item page)
  • Front opening and both shoulders straps are length adjustable
  • Robust but light mesh vest makes the harness easy to don
  • Can be combined with hip and leg loops to create a full body harness tested to EN 361

A multi-disciplinary tactical harness for use in various operational environments.

NAR & Edelrid have joined forces to bring the new Edelrid Tactical Harness to the US. Edelrid is the industry leader with 150 years of experience in rope and climbing gear manufacturing. A full customer solution, the tactical harness system is not only an emergency harness, but it can also be fully used as a climbing harness and can be worn comfortable loaded or unloaded.

Key Differentiators: single tie-in attachment point, sized to integrate into standard pant loops, no carabiner needed to connect belt to leg loops, triple lock safety buckle, integrates into or under any battle belt, built in indicator threads inside webbing for visual on wear, sleek, smooth and easy to use.

Additional Components:


  • Hip Belt + Leg Loops + Chest Connection + Chest Harness is tested according to EN 361

Triple Lock Buckle:

  • The Triple Lock buckle is the safest and most innovative buckle in Edelrid’s line of products
  • Triple buckle requires 3 step release, unload (press bar release) for webbing to loosen, press the large release button, push buckle together and angle the buckle outward to release catch from buckle closure. *(see educational materials below for more data and visuals)
  • Under load the buckle cannot open inadvertently but with release bar can be loosened not under load to aid in buckle release
  • Although a very safe buckle it is still very fast and effective to use
  • Large push button release can be manipulated with gloves on
  • Left/right labels on the inside for intuitive use
  • The webbing release bar prohibits loosening of webbing during load and also when unloaded
  • All homogenous metal parts to avoid corrosion
  • Saltwater resistant
  • Harness itself is certified acc to EN 12277 Typ D


  • Chest Dimensions: 75 cm - 145 cm
  • Weight: 0.80 lbs

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