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  • Slack in the CAT

    Slack In The CAT

    Why is it important to remove the slack out of a tourniquet before you start tightening?
  • Why do we mark the time

    Why do we mark the time?

    Why do we mark the time when we place a tourniquet? Initially, marking that time on the tourniquet allows that next level of medical care to know when that tourniquet was placed and if it's safe to remove.
  • How small of a limb does the CAT work on

    How Small of A Limb Does The CAT Work on?

    North American Rescue's NAR Doc (Dr. Ethan Miles) helps us understand just how small of a limb the Combat Application Tourniquet (C-A-T®) will work on - which is a pediatric-sized limb.
  • Kaolin Vs Chitosan

    Kaolin vs Chitosan in Hemostatics

    Hemostatic gauze options are designed to help stop bleeding faster than traditional gauze. The two most common clotting assistance is through Kaolin or Chitosan. North American Rescue's NAR Doc (Dr. Ethan Miles) takes a quick minute to help you understand the difference between these two options.
  • Hunter's Canal & Tourniquet Application

    Hunter's Canal & Tourniquet Application

    NAR Doc gives an anatomy lesson and shows why it's important to understand the best locations for applying tourniquets. Check out this quick video on the world's leading prehospital field tourniquet, the C-A-T® Tourniquet from North American Rescue.
  • Whole Blood for Airway Management?

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