Whole Blood for Airway Management?

Whole Blood for Airway Management?

Whole Blood for Airway Management?

Not Only did this study show that there was a decrease in mortality with prehospital blood transfusion, it showed that prehospital intubations (very risky in trauma patients unless properly resuscitated first) dropped from 12.1% to 1.6%. Why was this?

In speaking with one of the authors over the weekend it looks like rapidly transfusing trauma patients (“resuscitate before you intubate”) raised their GCS score, in fact many patients “woke up” thereby eliminating the need for intubation prehospital.

ARC Bundle = 2g TXA, 2g Calcium Chloride, 2u PRBCs. Note* they did not have Whole Blood or a fluid warmer (I would think these results would be even better with those two things).

First study to show a decrease mortality with an ARC bundle in the civilian prehospital setting! Keeping pushing DCR to the point of injury people!!

Additional Reading: Faster refill in an urban emergency medical services system saves lives: A prospective preliminary evaluation of a prehospital advanced resuscitative care bundle

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