Armored Vest vs Plate Carrier

Armored Vest vs Plate Carrier

Armored Vest vs Plate Carrier

Let's talk about the key differences between an armored vest vs. a plate carrier for fire and EMS. A plate carrier is simply a nylon vest that holds the rifle plates on the user's front and rear. A standard plate carrier does not contain any additional armor coverage other than the rifle plates.

This creates exposure laterally if the user is turned away from the threat in any way. The NAR Responder Ballistic PPE Vest has soft armor coverage 360 degrees around the user and also includes external plate pockets if needed. The FBI data is clear the majority of people in this country are shot with handguns and not rifles.

Therefore, maximizing soft armor coverage is the safest foundation to start with. Our goal at North American Rescue is to provide a purpose-built first responder vest that is light and comfortable enough for routine wearers but also has the ability to adjust quickly to a tactical environment.

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